This joint offering enables the fast and accurate interrogation of all types of spectroscopic data using the Analyze IQ Software Suite, with its innovative new analysis techniques, where the data comes from BSSN's Seahorse Scientific Workbench. Together they bring unequalled chemometric capabilities to an AnIML platform.

Analyze IQ Lab provides rapid and accurate analysis methods to turn your complex spectroscopy data into decisions, using both well-established chemometric modelling methods and innovative new data mining methods. Analyze IQ RealTime allows you to ‘package and deploy’ chemometric models developed by experts, so that they can be used for automatic monitoring or by operators who are not analysts.

Seahorse Scientific Workbench directly reads the output formats of many popular spectrometers and makes the data available to Analyze IQ Lab and Analyze IQ RealTime. Supported spectroscopy instrument vendors include Agilent, Biochrom, GE Healthcare, PerkinElmer, Picodrop, Thermo, Waters. A number of standard formats are supported as well. The list of instruments is expanding continuously.

And of course, we still provide Analyze IQ instrument interfaces for direct integration with spectroscopy systems.

Key Benefits For Users of Seahorse Scientific Workbench

  • State-of-the-art chemometrics, integrated into existing workflow
  • Chemometric methods and results fully documented in AnIML format
  • Seamless integration, no conversion, cut & paste or application switching
  • Familiar user interface, immediate productivity

Key Benefits for Users of Analyze IQ Lab and Analyze IQ RealTime

  • Rich data analysis and visualization capabilities
  • Flexible reporting
  • SciPDF for easy sharing of results
  • Compliance with AnIML data standard


There is no charge for the integration. Current customers may continue to use their existing product licenses. New licenses are available from your sales contact for Analyze IQ or BSSN Software.

Contact us for further information!