With our expertise in machine learning combined with rapid advances in miniaturised spectroscopy and the growth of the Internet of Things leading to the new paradigm of edge-to-cloud computing, it is becoming possible to have large distributed arrays of spectrometers and other chemical sensors, for applications such as process monitoring, environmental monitoring, and manufacturing control.

For such applications, you need:

  • Advanced machine learning analytics software to
  • Library search and library-based mixture analysis as well as advanced chemometrics, so you can answer broad questions (“what is this?”) and specific questions (“is this target present, and in what quantity?”) 
  • The ability to package and deploy expert knowledge in fielded applications where it can be applied automatically, or used by personnel without chemometric training 
  • Analysis of sensor data at the device (edge computing), centrally (cloud computing), or across combinations of both (fog computing), with securely encrypted data transmission when needed
  • Web-based dashboards so that management personnel can see key details at a glance, on dedicated computers, tablets or phones
  • Instrument interfaces, device drivers and user interfaces for real-time process monitoring
    Support for multiple operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS and even solutions for Android and iOS) on multiple processor platforms (ARM and Intel, 32bit and 64bit)
  • Well engineered software, developed without outsourcing, from an agile independent company that can to develop new software and perform chemometric modelling, to provide you with complete solutions.

Analyze IQ is the only company in this industry that provides all of these capabilities.

Our software framework allows our customers to develop analyAnalyze IQ RealTime Portable Editiontical models with Analyze IQ Lab and deploy them on the desktop, embedded devices, and the cloud with Analyze IQ RealTime. Our software paradigm is carefully architected to enable analytics where they best suit the business need, whether on portable devices, on desktop PCs, or on servers and cloud systems.  

Analyze IQ Lab’s analytics uses both well-established chemometric methods and unique techniques based on statistical machine learning, including our patented methods based support vector machines.

We have unlocked the potential of statistical machine learning, which normally requires high-powered computers, so that we can support the full edge-to-cloud computing paradigm, with a single codebase that enables both edge computing and cloud computing and allows analytical models to be deployed in many configurations using Analyze IQ RealTime.

Analyze IQ SmartSearch enables you to search quickly and accurately through a library of spectra, to identify the best matches. It includes library-based mixture analysis to identify the key components of mixtures, estimates the contributions of each component, compute composite spectra, and shows residuals. It is carefully optimised to work well with large libraries.

Analyze IQ Spectra Manager allows you to store and organize valuable chemical spectra and associated information, build up your own libraries, and work with third-party libraries from the major vendors. Uniquely, Analyze IQ Spectra Manager and SmartSearch provide direct access to linked data from web sources, notably Wikipedia.

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